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Dr. Siling We can't thank you enough for helping us have our child. We have suffered with infertility for several years and now we have a beautiful baby girl.
                                                                                                                Sharon & Jerry

 I am a 37 years old mowan, after 4 times miscarriages in over past three years, I finially decide to try acupunture. after one and half months acupuncture and herbal treatment with Dr. Liu, I got pregant. Then Dr. Siling kept treating  me for stabilizing the pregnancey until I reached my 4th months. Now I am feeling great and my long term heart burn problem is cured too. MY doctor told me the baby in my belly is growing very well. I am so grateful for Dr. Liu's help.   
                                                                                                                        Maggie W.
 For over 20 years I have suffered with severe PMS. Now every month I no longer have to take pain medicine for extreme headaches, cramps and bloating, all these symptoms have gone. 
                                                                                                                              Lisa S.
I was in excruciating pain with multiple herniated discs in my neck and was considering surgery. Since being treated by Dr. Siling, My pain is almost gone and now I can function normally.
                                                                                                             Dr. S.T. Caliendo

I have been a patient of Siling for over 2 years. I come regularly to treat fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. The chronic pain has disappeared.

Siling treats the whole body not just an ailment. She is mindful of all systems and how they have to be in harmony in order to get relief. If I have a sinus headache or abdominal problem she can also treat that I leave the office calm & relaxed without headache or pain.

As an added treat, my thin, lifeless hair that was falling out is now healthy and full.

Siling has taken me through very painful times as well as emotional times. She is a caring listener and knowledgeable practitioner.


I came to Dr. Liu with Sciatica (herniated disc ) after seeing an orthopedic and treatments with steroids with no success. My next step was pain medication injection or possibly an operation. After 3 treatments my pain was much less, after 6 the pain was gone. After 10 treatments I was back playing golf. Dr. Liu’s caring professionally and wanting to help is more than I could expect from doctor. I recommend her to everybody I know.

Gary S.

 I have been a patient of Siling on and off for over 5 years for various problems. After going to my doctor, orthopedic , physical therapy I decided to try acupuncture because nothing else worked. Siling has worked very hard to my various pains go away. She has treated my tail bone pain, muscle pain in my arm coming from my neck, pain in my hips and knee, and also migraines and hot flashes. I have been very happy with her treatment and always highly recommend my family and friends to come to see her when all else fails. She takes her work seriously and tries her hardest to make a person feel better.

                                                                                                              Laura S.

My Mom is 87. A year ago she started suffering with pain down her leg , hip and some back pain, she was diagnosed sciatica caused by severe arthritis in her back and spinal stenosis. She had two spinal epidurals and also she was described Tramadol. After all these, she was still having a lot pain. She decided to see Siling , she had wonderful results after just a few weeks treatments.

Siling is caring, thorough and very professional. Her assistant Vivan is also wonderful. My mom is a true believer and would definitely refer her to anyone.


I have tried so many diets and weight loss programs and nothing worked.  I felt bloated all the time. Now after  only three weeks on Dr. Siling’s Natural Weight Loss Therapy,  I lost 10lbs and my bloating is gone.


 I lost almost 10 lbs within the first 4 weeks of treatment, now I’m down 20bls and I feel great. 

George M.

I started this program and in 8 weeks lost 15 lbs.  My pants are all too loose on me now and I have to buy new clothes.



My 3 yr. old son suffered with severe nasal problems and could not breath through his nose. After seeing several specialist without any improvements I came to Dr.Siling and his problem was cleared in two weeks!
                                                                                                                      Lili Betisko

I came to Dr. Siling for Bell’s Palsy. Many people told me it could last for months, and that some of palsy would always remain. My neurologist was skeptical of the acupuncture. After 6 treatments in 3 weeks, it was gone. My neurologist was so impressed with the results that he asked me for her contact information so he could recommend her to future Bell’s Palsy patients.

Maureen R.

I recently started seeing Dr. Siling Liu-Parisi for acupuncture treatment for my chronic cough due to allergies, I haven’t stopped coughing for months and was becoming very tired and weak. After just 2 visits my cough was 90% gone. I now have all my energy back and I can be outside playing with my children ! I feel like a different person and my family and friends are just as amazed as I am.

                                                                                                                          Robin C.

For sometime now I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Siling . Previously, I had been suffering from a pinched nerve in my Cervical Spine (Neck Pain) and from spinal stenosis in my Lumber Spine (Low Back)…..walking and having use of my fingers and hands was most painful. When all else failed, Dr. Siling’s expertise, knowledge and caring has helped me to resume many of the things I wanted to do.

I actually look forward to my sessions with her because she is a very concerned and capable professional----with a heart!

                                                                                                                          Ilene B.

Since beginning acupuncture with Dr. Siling Liu some week ago, I feel so much better. My Pain continues to diminish, I have much more energy than I’ve had in years, I have a whole new interest in life . So many positive changes have come directly as a result of my acupuncture visits, including that I am going back to school and finishing up . Another friend I just saw reiterated what co-workers and family have been saying -that I look much , much better than I had been looking, I look as though I’ve lost weight and “…… you look like you have life in you again.“ (And I do have life in me again). Thank you , Siling, for helping me so much.


I have been struggling with bulimia and anorexia for 7 years. I’ve tried drug therapy, psychology, diets, but nothing helped. Siling helped me to get rid of my tension, depression and cravings that caused binges. Along with my treatments she helped me to treat my “femmine problems” -painful period , anemia. Acupuncture treatments are the only thing that got me to eat normolly and almost saved my marriage! Siling is wonderful, she always found time for me, and she never disappointed. She is the best choice I’ve ever made.


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